NT textRange of nail care products is represented by 24 items. The formulation of each tool is unique and designed with a specific purpose to solve problems related to condition of nails and to keep them healthy.

There is a big choice of different means. For more convenience, we classified them into several categories: strengthening, regenerating, means for manicure, means for cuticle.

All lacquers and nil treatment products we receive are from proven and quality manufacturers from the United States.


For strengthening

Item # P09001 / Complex for strengthening and healing nails

This means intended for nails strengthening. Recommended to be used as a foundation, base for manicure and a cover. By applying the tool as the basis for manicure, you create a solid foundation under the lacquer. The surface of the nail is leveled and the level of adhesion of the nail surface and varnish increases. Upon completion of the manicure, product can be applied as a coating to fix the varnish and give shine to manicure. As a strengthening tool can be used without varnish, which will give nails strength and brilliant appearance.

Contains silk amino acids, vitamins A, B5, ginseng root extract

Item # P09002 /  Nail hardener

The name speaks for itself - the purpose of this tool is to strengthen the nails. It copes with the task very well. After passing a monthly course with this product, you will get a long-awaited result, which will please you. To consolidate obtained effect and maintain it, it is recommended to continue using the item.

Contains silk amino acids, vitamins A, B5, E, calcium

Item # P09003 / Complex for nail strengthening

Product created for healing and strengthening nails. This multi-functional tool gives strength and healthy look to your nails. This is a universal complex for solving problems posed by a poor environment, unhealthy diet, using of extended nails and other causes. By which your nails do not look like as you wish. This tool designed to solve all these problems and give you result in the form of beautiful, strong and healthy nails.

Contains vitamins E, B, ascorbic acid, calcium, soy protein

Item # P09004 / Nail hardener advanced version

Advanced version of product which strengthens nails. Due to its special formula, modern version of the product stimulates growth of nails. If you use the tool as a basis for nail polish, then high adhesion of the nail surface with varnish is guaranteed. Therefore, manicure looks good and lasts longer than usually.

Contains vitamins A, B, E, calcium, amino acids of silk,

Item # P09005 / Nail hardener modern formula

One more product, which is the result of improvement and use of the latest technologies. Unique formula of this tool contributes to rapid growth of nails and improvement of the nail plate. Result achieved in a shorter period of using the product.

Contains vitamins A, B5, E, calcium, amino acids, silk, keratin


For regenerating

Item # P08001 / Nail rebuilder

The purpose of the product is to restore the health and beauty of the nails. The tool revives nail plate, thickens and strengthens nails. Ideal tool for nail restoration after removal of extended nails.

Contains Vitamin A, Citric Acid

Item # P08002 / Gel for thickening of the nail plate

Special tool for thin nails. The product designed for thickening, regeneration and growth of natural nails. Copes with the task perfectly good. At the end of the course of application, nails become strong, thick, healthy.

Contains Vitamins A, B, E, Calcium, Aloe Vera Extract

Item # P08003 / Gel strengthener to moisturize the nail plate

This product designed to moisturize and strengthen nail plate, to give a well-groomed appearance and health. Regular use of the product will heal nails, strengthen them and provide necessary hydration of the nail plate.

Contains Vitamin E, calcium, ascorbic acid, gelatin, hydrolyzed soy proteins

Item # P08004 / Treatment for exfoliating nails

The product created with a very specific purpose - to solve the problem of exfoliating nails, to restore a healthy nail structure, to form a natural, strong, nail plate.

Contains bamboo extract, garlic extract, silk amino acids

Item # P08005 / Treatment to speed up nil growth

This tool successfully copes with the task - activates growth of nails. It helps to strengthen nail plate and gives a well-groomed appearance to manicure.

Contains ginseng root extract, aloe vera, pentavitin


For base and correction

Item # P06001 / Foundation based on of diamond powder

It is intended to be used as a base for manicure. Aligns nail plate, gives nails a shiny and spectacular look. Can be used as an independent means.

Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Diamond Powder

Item # P06002 / Treatment for correction of uneven nails

Tool visually aligns nail plate and prepares nails for applying nail polish. Can be used as an independent means.

Contains Calcium, Aloe Vera, Wheat Protein

Item # P06003 / Nail defense

Product created to protect nails during daily work around the house and in contact with "household chemistry". Protects and strengthens nails.

Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E


For manicure

Item # P05001 / Quick dryer

Product designed to reduce the time for manicure, speed up the drying time of varnish. In addition to the main function, it moisturizes the nail plate and blocks the unpleasant smell of varnish.

Item # P05002 / Means for giving freshness to manicure

Product for cosmetic purposes, gives a pleasant shine to nails, freshness to manicure. Can be used both ways: alone and as a nail polish coating.

Contains vitamins A, E, B5

Item # P05003 / Means for giving color to manicure

Product for cosmetic purposes - refreshes color of lacquer, adds brightness and shine to it. Prolongs life of manicure, making it more lasting. . Can be used both ways: alone and as a nail polish coating.

Contains vitamins A, E, B5

Item # P05004 / Means for giving shine to manicure

Product for cosmetic purposes - gives special shine to nails, freshness of manicure and health to nails. Can be used both ways: alone and as a nail polish coating.

Contains vitamins A, E, B

Item # P05005 / Manicure foundation

Product acts as a basis and a corrective base for manicure. Aligns nail plate, protects nail from getting colored pigment, increases adhesion of the nail with nail polish.

Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Ascorbic Acid, Dead Sea Salts

Item # P05006 / Means for giving matte to manicure

Means for manicure. Saves nail polish for longer time, prolongs life of manicure and gives a matte finish to the manicure.

Item # P05007 / Means for giving shine to manicure

Decorative tool - gives gloss and shine to manicure, refreshes color of lacquer and prolongs life of manicure.

Item # P05008 / Top with diamond powder

Product applied as a coating. Prolongs life of manicure, refreshes it and makes color of lacquer brighter. Can be used as an independent means.

Contains Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Diamond Powder


For cuticle

Item # P04001 / Cuticle oil

Softens cuticle, nourishes it, and prevents skin around the nail from drying out and peeling.

Contains vitamins A, E, jojoba oil and apricot kernel oil

Item # P04002 / Cuticle remover

Product designed for cuticle. Using it, you can remove cuticle without the use of scissors. Softens cuticle and gives it an attractive look.

Contains aloe vera extract, vitamins A, E, blue seaweed extract

Item # P04003 / Treatment to eliminate the habit of biting nails

Product’s aim is eliminating the bad habit of biting nails. Successfully copes with the task.